The Tale of the Okuri-inu: The Sending-Off Dog in Japanese Folklore

The Tale of the Okuri-inu: The Sending-Off Dog in Japanese Folklore

The Tale of the Okuri-inu: The Sending-Off Dog in Japanese Folklore

Introduction to the Okuri-inu

In Japanese folklore, the Okuri-inu, also known as the “Sending-Off Dog,” is a mystical creature that has captured the imagination of many. This supernatural being plays a unique role in guiding and protecting travelers on their journey, especially at night.

Role of the Okuri-inu

The Okuri-inu is believed to appear when travelers are returning home after dark. It is said to have a wolf-like appearance but with a friendly demeanor. The creature walks alongside travelers, ensuring they reach their destination safely, and then mysteriously disappears before dawn.

Legends and Folklore

Legends surrounding the Okuri-inu vary across different regions of Japan. Some stories depict the creature as a lonely spirit searching for companionship, while others view it as a guardian sent to protect those in need. In either case, the Okuri-inu holds a special place in Japanese folklore as a symbol of guidance and protection.

Significance in Japanese Culture

The Okuri-inu reflects the deep-rooted belief in spiritual beings that watch over humans during their most vulnerable moments. Its presence in folklore serves as a reminder of the importance of kindness, solidarity, and protection, particularly in the face of unknown or challenging circumstances.

FAQ about The Tale of the Okuri-inu

What is the Okuri-inu in Japanese folklore?

The Okuri-inu, or Sending-Off Dog, is a mystical creature from Japanese folklore that assists and guides travelers at night, ensuring their safe journey to their destination.

What is the role of the Okuri-inu?

The Okuri-inu is believed to protect travelers from potential dangers in the dark, warding off malevolent spirits and other supernatural threats that may lurk along their path.

How is the Okuri-inu depicted?

In legends, the Okuri-inu is often described as a large, dog-like creature with glowing eyes and shaggy fur. It is said to emit an eerie howling sound as it accompanies travelers on their journey.

Are there any taboos associated with encountering the Okuri-inu?

It is said that one should never turn to look at the Okuri-inu while it is accompanying them, as this may bring misfortune or signal disrespect towards the guardian spirit. It is advised to acknowledge and thank the Okuri-inu silently for its protection.

Is the Okuri-inu a benevolent spirit?

Despite its eerie appearance, the Okuri-inu is considered a benevolent spirit in Japanese folklore, offering its protective presence to those in need
The Tale of the Okuri-inu: The Sending-Off Dog in Japanese Folklore